Somedays you just need to get away. I call them ‘abracadabra days’ .   When you just need to get away.  That just is so much more fun when you do it with you best friend and a cool ride.

I managed to take my ‘abracadabra day’ in a 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Premium Edition from Varney Chevrolet in Pittsfield. OH it’s a cutie and fun to drive!

Let’s be honest.  I don’t know A LOT about under the hood stuff but I know this car has a turbo engine and got me where I needed to go.

What I do know is about is the fun stuff.  Like the backup camera that is so very helpful, sunroof, the Bose stereo with very cool infotainment center WITH 4G to keep you on track and connected and usb plug-ins and charging ports to keep you powered up.

And the best part? Mac and Matt never figured out what I was up to!

Varney Chevrolet on Somerset Ave in Pittsfield is the place to find your ride. And you have the Varney Vantage where you get 3 additional oil changes and two tire rotation for free with every new AND pre-owned purchase.