There are certain words in our language we shouldn’t really use even though they technically aren’t swear words. When I say swearing I’m referring to the seven words George Carlin talked about in his classic routine. Even if used in context it’s a touchy subject. The word of focus today we’ll refer to as the “R” word.

A substitute teacher in Pittsfield was fired for using the “R” word to basically call her students stupid. She was teaching a 4th grade art class and lost her cool. To this point the substitute teacher’s name is being withheld or at least the Superintendent didn’t give a name.

I’d say if true, she should be fired. Teachers are there to support and encourage students, not tear them down and belittle them.

I can remember on a couple of occasions back in school where teachers lost it. I had a Geography teacher who would slap his desk with a yard (or where I went to school, meter stick) and once broke it.

The other teacher who recall getting in a tizzy was an English teacher I had in high school who went in a rant about kids swearing in the halls. While yelling and telling the class it was disrespectful and wrong, she repeated what she heard the kids saying outside the door. It was rather awkward.

Neither of the two teachers I remember getting angry got fired. Have you ever had a teacher who yelled or went berserk?