Update 3 October 3, 2019:
It has been a while. Why? Because all of this was easier that I ever imagined. Looking back over the last nine months I did buy a few things.  I did buy the bridesmaid dress I knew I was going to need and it is one I can reuse if I want. I did buy some socks and undies...well because I needed them!!! And the total bill was under $20 and took me a total of 10 minutes to find in the store. I was giving a number of new t-shirts from visitors to the radio station (thank you!) and I have a few new t-shirts, pants and socks from Eddie Bauer. I limited each Eddie Bauer trip to 15 minutes.  I get rewards and pair that with the sales these each item was under $5. I was not on going leave those rewards bucks on the table! Since my goal was to save money and time I feel this fit my intentions. But now I am in October and looking at unpacking the winter jackets and boots....and looking at my closet area, I am thinking it is time for another purge.

Update 2 May 21, 2019:
Well, I guess I am not much of a clothes shopper after all.  This has been easier that I thought.  I have caught myself a few times mindless shopping and I ask myself ‘what am I doing?’ I am not buying!  I did get some new socks as they were needed and only took a few moments.  I did have a friend gift me a couple of things that I accepted and use, so that was cool!  NOW, as for this dress I AM allowed to buy this year, I am STILL shopping for what I want!  OY, how can one bridesmaids dress take SO much effort to source and buy!?  Photos of that when I finally make a decision.

Update 1 Feb 22, 2019:
Well, I am about 6 weeks into this no shopping thing and no issues! I have been out looking for that dress I need this summer for a family wedding, but other than that I have enjoyed this whole shopping thing being off the table. BUT I did just get a rewards certificate from Eddie Bauer.  $10. Hummm...I have decided I will use it for socks or something small.  That is legit...right?

Original Story Jan 11, 2019:
I have been working on this whole minimalism thing now for years, even before Marie Kondo brought it back around. Most of us just have too much stuff.

This is where it started for me. Have you heard about Pareto’s 80/20 Rule? Here is a nice explanation from Forbes magazine.  So, for clothes, we use about 20% of what we own.  When I first read that years ago, it sounded so silly, but then I started to pay attention.  Clothes, kitchen gear, all that beauty stuff in the bathroom, tools in the tool box, food in my kitchen…as I was paying attention I was only using a small percentage of what I owned..about...20%.

Anyway, back to me and not clothes shopping this year thing.

I am part of a Facebook group called Untethered Women.  There was a post from a member about her specific goals and focus...so she felt abundance in what was already in her closet,. and she decided to not buy clothes for the year to focus on her other goals. She invited others to join her.  I was in.  I have been working on living a life of abundance and living in the moment.  But my brain can use that as permission to buy and not necessary think about my budget. That is negatively impacting another goal of a focus on debt elimination.  So this seemed like a way I could EASILY impact some of my other personal goals.

I have been working on eliminating clutter for MANY years. I had done most of it before I had even heard of Marie Kondo. But she really did take my clothes game to the next level. I have ALL my clothes…I mean jackets, dresses, tops, bottoms, socks and stuff, accessories…for all seasons that will fit in a large armoire. (No, for real, I did that!)

So here is how I am going to do this.  I am just going to use what I have. (Duh)  Even with my minimal wardrobe I still only use about 20%!   So I don’t need anything. I can do this year without any new clothes.  The only thing I have to buy this year, and yes I HAVE to because I am so excited about this, I have to buy a bridesmaid dress for a family wedding.  But the very cool bride is letting us each pick out dresses so I lots of control over what I choose.

Other than the dress and MAYBE some 'unmentionables' I am not going to buy any clothes this year!

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