All girls are welcome to play flag football in Westbrook!

Jen Bates, who is the league founder and commissioner of the flag football league, started this because of her daughter and all the girls across Maine, according to WGME.

It is an inspiring thing to see and I wanted share more about this amazing woman and what she is doing for young girls.

Jen started all of this for her daughter, Gabi, because she's outgoing and loves competing. Because of that and her love for lifting up all girls in Maine, she wants to grow the sport.

Gabi says,

"it's not just going out there, playing with your best friends. You really get to focus on skills you have and getting better and really creative a positive progression to success."



As the article states, the league has a relationship with the NFL's "initiative to grow the sport." They are backed by the NFL and flag football was also shown at the International World Games and is said to soon become an Olympic sport.

Jen Bates said,


"It took a lot of time, a lot of effort, by a lot of different people, we have a great board of directors, all women, which is fantastic, to have a league just for girls run by women,"

One of the players, Bailey, who is the quarterback of the team was asked how she feels when she here's the phrase, "Throw like a girl."

Her response couldn't be better.

Hey, if I'm throwing like a girl and it's so much better and it's on target. Girls can do anything, even better than anybody else

This isn't just for boys anymore, it's going to become a real thing, and it's just growing and its continuing to grow.

The first week started September 10th and if you are interested in registering for this league, click here! The games will be played from 9am-3pm on Saturday at Saccarappa Elementary School in Westbrook.

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