I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I am pretty sure this sweet & innocent (looking) orange cat has it out for me.

Over the years, we have had our differences.  He's scratched me, I've awakened him from his six hour long nap, he's shed into my food, I've accidentally stepped on his tail...  You get the idea.

Lately though, since we moved into our new house in Augusta (Maine), things have gotten really dicey.  It's kind of like the Cold War between the USA and USSR.  When I walk by he swats at me and I glare at him.  He'll even walk by when I am eating just so he can drag his tail through my food!

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

These days, whenever he gets ready to throw up (whether it is a hairball or his dinner), he purposely heads to my office or my bedroom.  He could be in the other end of the house and he will make a mad dash to my rooms.  He'll run through the kitchen, the living room, past the kid's bedrooms, past their mother's room, and right to my office or bedroom!

It happened again last night...

I had just walked through the front door, walked up to my office, put my laptop on my desk, and sat down in my chair when I heard HURCH HURCH HAAAAAAARCCCHH coming from somewhere in the darkened room.

I jumped up from my desk and reached for my phone.  Instead of turning on the lights to the room, I decided to go all CSI (FBI?) and turn on the flashlight app on my phone.  I spent the next few minutes chasing him around the room, trying to redirect him downstairs.

This time, I was successful...  Barely!

Don't get me wrong, I feel bad when he is ill, but I don't understand why he always wants to throw up on my floor or my stuff.

Do you have any experience with this?  Has it ever happened to you?  Why?  What did you end up doing?

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