AMC recently debuted the trailer for their Interview With the Vampire series, during their appearance at Comic-Con. They also announced that it would be premiering on October 2, both on AMC and AMC+.

The trailer shows that the series is going to take a few small departures from the Anne Rice novel, but it seems that the show won’t stray too far from the source material. Back in May of 2020, AMC acquired the rights to make the series, along with the rights to adapt another Anne Rice series, called Lives Of The Mayfair Witches

In June of 2021, it was announced that AMC had ordered an 8-episode adaptation of Interview With the Vampire. After that, Sam Reid was brought on to portray the vampire Lestat, while Jacob Anderson will play Louis de Point du Lac. Bailey Bass, Eric Bogosian, and Assad Zaman also make appearances. The trailer itself shows off some very nice-looking visuals. Since our story starts in 1910, the sets and costumes are absolutely extravagant, definitely leaning in a period-piece direction more so than any kind of stylized visuals.

Also, as you would expect from such a series, there seem to be a number of steamy scenes, as well as a good bit of blood. It's about vampires, after all. For those not incredibly familiar with the film or the novel, the story details the history of Louis de Point du Lac, a vampire. He relates the story to a reporter during an interview, who's a bit skeptical of his story at first. Louis has a rough life, and Lestat sees him struggling. Lestat offers him a way out in vampirism.

Unfortunately, Lestat and Louis eventually realize they view the world in different ways. Lestat is violent and predatory, while Louis does his best to retain his compassion for humanity.

On the more technical side of the production, we have Rolin Jones as the showrunner. He also adapted the novel into a unique screenplay. Mark Johnson who worked on Better Call Saul, Alan Taylor, and Christopher Rice are credited as executive producers on the series. Unfortunately, Anne Rice herself passed away back in 2021, but she's still credited as an executive producer.

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