This morning on the Moose Morning Show we asked you what the GREATEST show of the 21st Century (so far) was.

Here are your top answers:

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - I started watching this sitcom about three quarters of the way through the first season because a co-worker said, "you're a geek, you'll like this show."  She was right!  I was so sad to see it end.


Game Of Thrones (HBO) - Based on George R R Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire".  Fans of the show seem to love every second of it, EXCEPT the last season.


NCIS (CBS) - This long-running CBS crime show has had several spinoffs.


Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - It's hard to believe this medical drama about doctors in Seattle has been on the air since 2004.  Definitely, one of the most-iconic shows of the 21st century.


The Office (NBC)  - I always found it amusing that the United States version of this show lasted 10X longer than the original British version.

Notable mentions: Dexter (HBO), Arrow (CW), That 70s Show (FOX), Criminal Minds (CBS), and The Walking Dead (AMC).

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