Maine Man Competing on Jeopardy Tonight!
It has been a tradition ever since I can remember. My family would gather in the living room promptly at 7:30 to watch Jeopardy. Now, I haven't ever really been known to get a whole bunch of questions, or answers, correct, but I have always had fun sitting down and watching with family...
Matt James reviews 'The Conners'
I know that ABC booted her and changed the name to 'The Conners'. But, for the sake of continuity, can't we just keep calling the program 'Roseanne'? Crap, I just called it a "program", now I'm really showing my age. Anyway, here's my review from the season 2 premier after they killer 'her' off.
‘Roseanne’ Spinoff ‘The Conners’ Gets Official ABC Fall Premiere Date
The cast of Roseanne will return to televisions this fall — without Roseanne Barr — in The Conners. The spinoff, which features the remaining members of the iconic sitcom family, will officially premiere on Tuesday, October 16 — almost a month after ABC debuts its other fall programming. In addition to The Conners, the network has set fall premiere dates for several other new and returning shows, including The Good Doctor and Grey’s Anatomy.

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