It has been a tradition ever since I can remember. My family would gather in the living room promptly at 7:30 to watch Jeopardy.

Now, I haven't ever really been known to get a whole bunch of questions, or answers, correct, but I have always had fun sitting down and watching with family. Now that I have a family of my own, I hope to do it again someday. My wife, Keri, and I still watch frequently, though the kids aren't quite old enough to take interest in world trivia.

Over the years several Mainers, some pretty successfully, have been on the hit show Jeopardy, and tonight, it will happen again. According to WMTW, Mainer Nathan Berger will be on this evening's episode at 7:30. He is described as being a restaurateur and a sommelier.

I had to look both of those words up, but I was pretty sure about the first one. A Restaurateur is someone who own, operates or starts up a restaurant- as the name would kind of already imply. A sommelier is a french word for someone who is in charge of a restaurant's wine stock. They create the wine lists and are responsible for rotating the wine on the shelf as need be. Is there a name for someone who does that with bourbon? I want to be one of those!

Taking a look back at other Mainers who have competed on Jeopardy we have, Tiffany Eisenhauer, she was on the show back in April. Tiffany is a physician's assistant from Freeport. A bartender from Old Orchard beach was on in January. His name is Dennis Coffee, and he won more than $50,000 as a three-time champion. More local to us was Jessica Garsed. She was on last October and is from Augusta. She was also a three-time champion and took home more than $50,000 in winnings.

Though I thoroughly enjoy watching the show, I don't think I'll be getting my big break to be on Jeopardy anytime soon. I'll take, "not smart enough to be on your show for $600, Alex!"

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