Over the last few days, it has become clear that the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak will significantly affect the U. S. economy.

According to USA Today, the market has plunged as much as 20% from its mid-February peak and some people are speculating we could be facing a recession.

The first people to be affected by this economic downturn will most-likely be those who work hourly jobs and those who are in the service industry (working for tips).  As business slows, businesses will schedule fewer hourly employees.  And, potentially, fewer people will go to restaurants and bars, leading to smaller takes for those relying on tips.

How can you help?

If you have the money to go out to eat and drink, to have food delivered, or have your hair cut (hair done?), please consider tipping a little more than you normally would.  This will help offset the money lost from fewer customers.

And, for businesses with hourly employees (retailers, fast food restaurants, movie theaters, etc) you can purchase gift cards.  It provides the businesses with revenue, but does not require you to make unwanted purchases at that moment.  You can hold onto them and use them at a later date.  Big thanks to a former coworker and a high school classmate for that idea.

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