If you are a considerate driver who follows the rules of the road (and drive-thru windows), thank you.  Unfortunately, not everyone is as considerate as you are!

The McDonald's on Bangor Street in Augusta recently got a MAJOR makeover!  Just like the one that was recently done to the McD's on Western Avenue.  The place is AMAZING!  New dining room, ordering kiosks, new play place, AND dual drive-thru speakers.  If you haven't stopped by to check it out, you really need to!

Having two order speakers seems way more efficient and, in theory, this means your trip through the drive-thru will be way faster.

But, it only works IF YOU FOLLOW THE RULES!

After you order, you're supposed to merge into one lane that takes you to the windows where you pay and pick up your order.  Despite the fact there is a sign showing you what to do, sometimes people don't do that.  I've found that occasionally, when the place is busy, customers in the right lane will refuse to let the left lane merge.

McDonalds Merge

Listen, us "left laners" are not trying to cut you off...  We're just trying to get our coffees, quarter pounders, and McFlurries.  And, even though you don't want to make eye contact, we know you see us... Waiting patiently for you to let us slip into the lane.

Unfortunately, the problem of people not letting others merge doesn't just happen at drive-thru windows.  It happens on highways, back roads, and rotaries.

Please, just be considerate to other drivers.  Who knows, if you're courteous, maybe someone will pay for your meal...


Cooper Fox

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