First it was Portland and now the bag fee agenda is moving statewide. There are three bills in the works to add a five cent fee to disposable grocery bags. 

The bills named, L.D. 325, L.D. 396 and L.D. 680 all include a five cent fee for disposable bags, but the differences in the bills are about where to use the money from the bags. L.D. 680 would have the five cent fee added to paper bags, as well as the plastic bag.

On one hand, I feel it's an added burden to those with large families. However, on the other side of the coin I see these bags everywhere on the ground. When the snow finally melts and I can get to the yard, I bet I'll pick up 20 of them throughout my property.

Most of my irritation for this change is because I do reuse the bags, if they get home "hole-less." These bags they hand out at the stores are nowhere near what they used to be. They are hardly worth a cent, let alone a nickle. I'd pay five cents for the old ones from 20 years ago.

If I were to keep the same habits, if or when any of the bills were to pass, I'd probably spend a buck a week, easily. Yes, I have reusable bags. However, they always get forgotten. I think I would be more likely to remember them if there was a charge.

I guess I could be swayed to be for the change if the money were to go somewhere I approved of or if I felt it was necessary.

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