In case you missed it, we talked this morning on the Moose Morning Show about some of the state-wide questions that you'll see on your ballot tomorrow on voting day. Here is a brief explanation about the big 5 questions you'll see tomorrow at the polls...
10 Best Maine Towns to Live in According to Some Dumb Robot Voice
What in the sweet hell did I just stumble across? This video, which has been viewed over 5k times, was put together by someone who must not realize people live north of Portland in this state. According to this list, the 10 best places to live in Maine have to either be Portland, or a bordering town of...
Strange stories
Recently, I did an "investigative" piece on Bigfoot sightings in the Augusta area.  Now, after searching the depths of the Internet, I'm back with a hard-hitting look at UFO sightings in Maine.
Vote now!
Vote now, and check back in for the reveal right here at 92Moose.fm on 9-25!
Moose Morning Show Poll
During the Moose Morning Show today, we'll be talking about celebrity crushes and what one big star you would want to meet. Along those lines, here's a thought... If you had a chance to spend the day with your favorite celebrity or get $10,000 in cash, which would you choose?

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