There is nothing better than grabbing a slice with the best bubbly crust, raising it to your mouth, and taking a bite. The cheese is perfect, the sauce it scrumptious, and the dough is cooked to perfection. Pizza, that's right. Pizza is a traditional staple in all of our diets, and has been for centuries.

Yelp put out an article called, "Yelp's Top Pizza Spots in The U.S. and Canada" and of course, Maine slid into one of those spots with one remarkably delicious pizza shop!

Drum roll please..

Coletti's Pizza Factory is considered one of Yelp's top pizza spots in all of the U.S. and Canada. I can see why too! According to their Facebook page, they are located in Biddeford, and seemed to have perfected the Neapolitan-style pie!

Coletti's Pizza Factory via Facebook
Coletti's Pizza Factory via Facebook

If you cruise on their Facebook page, you can tell very easily that this pizza is unforgettable. Let us take a moment to pray to the pizza gods for this restaurant, shall we? Take a look at the photo above. The crust is perfect, and let's be honest, the entire pie looks like a work of art. Call Picasso and let him know that he can retire.

They make their pies fresh each day, and the photos of the pies increase your cravings.

Recently, a video was done by Explore Maine Life where they visited Coletti's Pizza Factory and had a bite to eat. So it's obvious that everyone and their brother is yearning to take a bite out of this place!

If you'd like to check out why Yelp has rated Coletti's in their top 100 list, visit their page or stop in at 497 Elm Street in Biddeford!

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