It's always a pleasure when we have local psychic-medium, Jeannie Sullivan, from Heartfelt Energies in studio to do readings for our audience here in Central Maine.

If you weren't able to catch all of today's show, or you had to duck out in the middle of one of our on-air readings, you can replay each one in its entirety below!

If you are finding it difficult to get through on the phone lines when Jeannie is in (because the phones go crazy for her!), you can book your own private or group reading with her at your home or at her new Augusta location over on Parkwood Drive.

Jeannie specializes in psychic-medium and tarot card readings and has proven herself to be amazing at it. Not only is she excellent at what she does, she's also a wicked-awesome person.

If you're interested in booking a reading with Jeannie, or attending one of her group readings, you can reach out via her website, an email or text! You won't be disappointed, that's for sure!

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