Over the last year or so, the number of illegal marijuana grows run by Chinese nationals in Maine has seemingly tripled in volume. It seems like each and every week we are reporting on a new illegal grow operation being busted by the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and local Sheriff's offices.

And now, a new report is estimating that these grows could be worth BILLIONS of dollars.

According to a report from Newsmax, Maine has become a 'breeding ground' for 'Chinese illegal marijuana growth'. This report comes on the heels of a memo sent from members of the Maine Congressional Delegation to the Unites States Department of Justice.

Newsmax is reporting that members of Maine congress are pressing US Attorney General, Merritt Garland, to take action to help curb the illegal operations that seem to be continuously unfolding across the Pine Tree State.

Maine minority leader, Billy Bob Faulkingham, estimates that there are as many as 270 illegal grow operations currently setup in Maine. "These marijuana grows are detrimental to Maine businesses" the Maine-written memo said in part.

Faulkingham told Newsmax that he's outraged that the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated and is making money off 'my state'. He went on to say that we live so far from the Southern border that people in Maine have never paid much attention to it.

He said that now, Mainers are starting to see the results of the border crisis. Faulkingham went on to say that he can't think of a worse time for democrats to be in charge of 'our nation' and 'our state' 'with this type of stuff happening'.

"Chinese nationals are coming across the southern border and they're setting up shop now here in Maine", Faulkingham stated.

So far, there has been no formal response to the issue from US AG, Garland on the matter.

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