In what has become alarmingly common over the last couple weeks, it's being reported that yet another Central Maine school bus was rear-ended during the morning bus run while children were on board.

According to an article published by WGME 13, the school bus was in Lewiston and was en route to deliver kids to the Montello Elementary School when the crash occurred.

The news station is reporting that the school bus was rear-ended in the vicinity of Pierce and Pine Streets on Friday morning. Jake Langlais, Superintendent in Lewiston, told reporters that nobody was hurt and that there was no major damage to the school bus.

However, despite the fact there were no injuries or substantial damage, it is still cause for concern considering this is the 5th crash that has involved a Maine school bus in the last two weeks.

WGME is reminding its viewers that there have been bus-involved crashes in Kingfield, Raymond York, Orrington and today's in Lewiston.

This should serve as a stark reminder that school is back in session across the state and morning (and afternoon) commuters need to be mindful of the extra traffic. It is critically important that drivers only focus on the road and keep the devices put away.

Also it's important to remember that school buses are constantly starting and stopping so give them some room and ALWAYS STOP when you see those red flashing lights. It seems like something that shouldn't have to be explained, but as we've seen over the last couple of weeks, people tend to forget these very basic things.

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