What did we do before Walmart came to Augusta?  I mean, on those beautiful, warm, sunny summer days way back in the early '90s, we had to stay outside in the awful outdoors.  Don't believe me?  Drive into Augusta Walmart on any beautiful day and try to find a place to park.  But I digress.  What I'm leading to is, residents of  Buckhead Georgia (part of Atlanta) don't realize what they're missing!

Neighborhood groups spent last weekend firing off letters to the city council opposing zoning changes that would allow the big box  store to move in.  As Tom Shepherd of the Garden Hills Civic Association put it,  “This is about complying with the hard work that people have put in to ensure that Buckhead isn’t just another traffic pit.”

Here's the kicker to the story.  Walmart would be just behind the town's Target, Home Depot and Best Buy.  I guess you have to draw the line somewhere.

You can read more at a website area neighborhoods have formed, SaveLindbergh.org


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