Let's give three cheers to our very own Scout Troop 2019! Hip Hip Hurray. It is essential to keep our cities clean, shiny, and new. The city of Lewiston, Public Works, Scout Troop 2019, and volunteer community members were all involved in this year's clean-up!

flyer was posted from the city of Lewiston, encouraging all neighborhood members to come out and be a part of keeping Lewiston clean and beautiful. They encouraged community members and church groups to adopt a part of town to focus on.

Have you noticed while driving how much trash is around a city? Have you ever gotten out of the car and disposed of it? It's so easy to throw bottles, paper products, or really anything out of your window and disregard what it does to mother nature and our community. It's harder to keep things clean but these amazing people knocked it out of the park keeping our city looking great.

According to the Sun Journal, Scout Troop 2019, was taking part in The Lewiston Citywide Litter Pick Up day this past Saturday, October 16th. The day included cleaning picking up trash, recycling bottles, and also disposing of waste. Public Works helped to outline safe practicing when picking up street trash and was also there to assist all volunteers with supplies.

Recycling via Unsplash
Recycling via Unsplash

Starting at Kennedy Park the helpers and scouts geared up with gloves, buckets, and pickers to start removing trash from locations like Pierce Street and surrounding areas. They were confident and positive in their efforts to continue to keep our city clean.

Each group had the opportunity to post a photo with the hashtag #nolitter of the work they were doing to be entered into winning a prize. The categories were Biggest Team, Most Creative, and Most Colorful.

Check out Scout Troop 2019 to support, help promote, and learn more about what these local scouts are doing to help lift up our community and continue to help make our city beautiful!

Correction: An earlier version of this story reported that Girl Scout troop 2019 was involved in the cleanup. It was Scout Troop 2019.

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