Sad news for Lewiston locals, as Rusty Bus Brewing on 120 Lisbon Street has announced they are closing permanently, according to the Sun Journal.

This is just over a year they they've been open. And now, unfortunately, they are closing.

The owners, Peter and Nicole Ouellette, have announced online that they're closing their doors by the end of April or when they run out of beer.

As per the article, they said this is because of downtown Lewiston's changing dynamics, which have made it tough for them since day one. There's not enough people walking around, other small businesses are leaving, and some people think lower Lisbon Street isn't safe enough to visit.

This is very sad, because so many of us have tried hard to improve the safety in that area.

Despite the efforts of these good folks, they can't keep the brewery going, so they're shutting it down on April 28.

Rusty Bus opened in December 2022 after winning a contest that gave them support like accounting help and free rent for a year. They became popular for hosting events, but faced challenges like not having a kitchen and being open only a few days a week.

This closure also follows other local businesses that can't stay open, like Tracy Jean’s Coffee Boutique and Boba restaurant. Some businesses cited lack of foot traffic, the pandemic, and city regulations as reasons for closing.

Officials say they're sad to see these businesses close, and are working to make downtown a better place for businesses to thrive. They're offering support like grants and help with finding locations and financing.

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