As I was driving to work this morning, I noticed a work vehicle with the business name Cianbro on it. My wife was with me and she tried to pronounce it, but couldn't quite get it right. I told her the correct way to say it, which is "Chin-BRO."

This got me thinking that there must be other business names in Maine that are real tough tongue-twisters. So I decided to take a deep dive into the hardest business names to pronounce in Maine.

I remember the first time I went to Rí Rá Irish Pub in the Old Port. I called it "RARA", and was so embarrassed when I realized I was pronouncing it completely wrong.

Have you ever visited a place and completely butchered the pronunciation in front of an employee or manager? It's one of those moments where you feel like you have to stand your ground out of sheer pride and just keep calling it that, even though you know it's incorrect.

With some help from my friends, we came up with a list of the top 10 toughest business names to pronounce in Maine.

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Here they are, complete with phonetic spellings to help you avoid any embarrassing mispronunciations:

1. Cianbro ("Chin-BRO")

According to their website, "Cianbro manages and self-performs civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, telecommunications, thermal, and fabrication and coating."

2. Schaedler Yesco Distribution ("SHAYD-lur YES-ko")

Schaedler is an "electrical distributor that offer products and services for the electrical industry."

3. Rí Rá Irish Pub ("REE-RAA")

Rí Rá is an excellent Irish pub in the Old Port in Portland, Maine.

4. Ferda Farms ("FUR-DAH")

Ferda is an oyster farm in Brunswick, Maine.

5. Diodes Inc. ("DY-oh-dees")

Diodes is a "global manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor products for a variety of industries," as per their website. 

6. Ahold Delhaize ("AH-hohld DEL-hayz")

Ahold Dehaize is one of the world's largest food retail groups, as per their site. They own Maine Hannafords!

7. Boulous ("BOO-luss")

Boulous is a Maine commercial real estate firm.

8. Zildijan ("ZIL-jun")

Zildijan is located in Newport, Maine, and makes musical cymbals, drumsticks, and mallets for musicians!

Did you pronounce them all correctly? Are there any business names in Maine that have you stuck with their pronunciations? Let us know! 

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