Another year and more April Fools pranks making the rounds on Facebook. I'm not sure what's more fun, laughing at the creativity of the prank, or all the people who fell for it.

News Center Maine

April Fools' morning started off on News Center Maine's The Morning Report. New anchor Sam Rogers got pranked by an "ad" for a new and absurd product from Burger King, Whopper Toothpaste.

The "ad" was actually a joke from Burger King 5 years ago which you can see here. To be fair, Burger King has made some ridiculous products in the past like a yule log and cologne. Hopefully, Sam comes back!

Congdon's Doughnuts

Next, Congdon's Doughnuts in Wells showed off their not-so-sweet prank.

The level of disappointment would be unmatched.

Flight Deck Brewing

Flight Deck Brewing in Brunswick added pizza to the brewery in recent years and it's quite tasty. Today they announced that they will be switching things up and serving entirely fruit-based pizzas.

Great news if you're pro pineapple pizza.

Erik's Church

Erik's Church, a restaurant/bar in Windham made an announcement that they would be moving from Windham to Portland noting the need for a bigger space and leaving behind the days of live music, many of which are country, opting for weekly DJs. It's happening, of course, on February 29, 2023.

Gifford's Ice Cream

Last month Gifford's ice cream started rolling out their new flavors for 2022. Looks like they forgot one that was announced today. Good ol' Kale Crunch.

Imagine picking kale out of your teeth while strolling the beach this summer.

Humane Society Waterville Area

And finally Humane Society Waterville Area showed off their latest critter to come to the shelter, a familiar fuzzy face by the name of Gizmo.

Careful what you feed him after midnight!

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