According to WGME 13, an arrest was made on Thursday after an incident involving a person walking into a Maine high school and spraying a fire extinguisher.

WGME reports that the person walked into Caribou High School, in Caribou Maine, and walked down to the science wing of the building.

While the individual was in the science wing, they were confronted by multiple members of the school's staff.

It was at that time that 23-year-old, Daniel Theriault, grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and began spraying it in the direction of the staff members.

Following the alleged incident, Caribou police obtained video footage and were able to get an accurate description and depiction of what the suspect looked like.

A little while later they were successfully able to locate Daniel Theriault, who also goes by Angela Theriault, and an arrest was made in Downtown Caribou.

Theriault was charged by police with criminal trespass, terrorizing, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

Theriault's bail was set $1,000 or surety of $10,000 according to WGME. Additionally, Theriault cannot return to any school property.

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