You know what this time of year brings, birds, mud, flowers, and spring cleaning! I love to empty my house of unwanted items and free myself of the  all the things. Trinkets and small items are easy to get rid of. But what about larger things? Like furntire, mattresses, electronics and other bulky materials?

Well, good old Auburn's got you. It's called the Auburn Household Bulky Waste Program and they want to help you get rid of your unwanted space hoggers.

They posted recently on Facebook that starting April 1st, residents of Auburn can dispose of big items. Why is this so cool? Well, you can throw this stuff out year-round!

The post says,

Starting April 1, 2023, Auburn residents can dispose of household bulky waste YEAR-ROUND at Maine Waste to Energy (110 Goldthwaite) Road at no cost! MWE is open Monday-Friday, 7AM to 4PM and Saturday 7AM–noon. You must show proof of residency (driver’s license, tax bill, utility bill, etc.).
Maine Waste to Energy is going to take furniture, mattresses, TV's, computer and other big items. Additionally, they will grab your construction waste, brush, air conditioners, tires and more.
This is so helpful. Last year, my wife and Janelle were trying to get rid of our air conditioner and it wasn't easy. This levels up your spring cleaning!
You're unwanted big items can bedropped at Auburn Public Works at 296 Gracelawn Road in Auburn.
Big reminder! Because they will be doing this all year, to avoid lines, don't all show up on April 1st.

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