Election Day is coming…November 3 is the day.  And the City of Augusta has announced several ways residents can cast their vote. They have a new outdoor ballot box at City Hall. The ballot box is a proactive step during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide a contact-free voting option. The ballot box will be double-locked, sanitized and emptied frequently. But what there is another upside to this the box also allows our staff to start processing votes earlier.

Registered voters can request an absentee ballot then mail it in or deposit it in the secure ballot box at City Hall.

Starting soon, Augusta will allow people to vote in-person at City Hall several weeks prior to the election.

On Nov. 3, Augusta plans to conduct in-person voting at four locations in the city. To increase social distancing, residents in Ward 1 will vote at the Augusta Armory. Ward 2 voting will take place at City Hall, Ward 3 at the Augusta Civic Center and Ward 4 at Cony High School.

Augusta Mayor…the one and only Dave Rollins recorded an informative video to help outline the voting options for residents!

IF you have not registered to vote or have moved recently you need to update your voter information they have also been encouraging people to take a few minutes and take care of that.  I DID go to Augusta City Hall to do that (and register my new car).  My pro-tip on this is in the morning or afternoon…lunchtime seemed a little busy at Augusta City Hall.

I have been voting absentee for years and I LOVE it...I just don't get the 'I Just Voted' sticker...but such is life.

Augusta residents can request an absentee ballot online.

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