We're used to seeing stories in the news that makes us feel angry, am I right?

But I will tell you this: it's been a hot minute since I saw something that came through my feed and made me this instantly p*ssed off.

Maybe because it's right in our backyard? Maybe because it involves kids just trying to make their own way? Either way, this one has me fuming.

A friend of mine and overall WONDERFUL human, Holly Gannett, had been posting about an upcoming fundraiser for the competition team at Augusta's 'Kennebec Dance Centre' at Sprague & Curtis off of Western Avenue in Augusta.

Over the weekend, since I was unable to make it, I wanted to check in with the event on Facebook to see how it had gone. As I was scrolling through the photos of the bake sale and dancewear sale I noticed something interesting. A ton of angry-face reactions to the post. But why?

As I went back up to read what had been posted, I realized that Holly was explaining about a pile of customers that had come in, purchased about $20 worth of goods, paid with a "100" and left with about $80 in cash change.

After the sale, the girls noticed that there was something odd about the tender used to purchase the items. They quickly realized that the cash was fake. In fact, in small print on the back, it actually said 'play money'.

But who in their right mind is checking every bill tendered for disclaimers? No one, that's who.

So sadly it wasn't noticed until after the thieves has already made away with the REAL $80 in cash.

Holly said in part about what happened,

Unfortunately, there are people in this world who are real jerks. There was a gold colored wagon style car filled with four or five adults from the ages of late 20s to late 40s (shady at best) who came and bought baked goods with a counterfeit $100 bill. They left with a number of baked goods and $80 cash.  These were simply a bunch of young children trying to raise money to compete in their dance competition season this upcoming year.

Stealing from adults, though still awful, is one thing. Stealing from our kids? Yeah, no. Do better people of Maine.

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