The Augusta Police are warning residents about a new phone scam where someone claiming to be a part of the Augusta Police Department is threatening arrest if the victim does not purchase pre-paid debit cards.

According to Deputy Chief  Kevin Lully, the police have  received several complaints over the past several days about a person calling claiming to be part of the Augusta Police Department. The number on the caller ID showed it was coming from APD. The person claimed to be an officer who is employed by APD. The caller demanded the victim purchase pre-paid debit cards and if they did not, they would be arrested. It appears the caller is using an application to “spoof” APD’s phone number.

Lully said if you receive a similar call, to end the call immediately and call your local law enforcement agency to speak with a dispatcher who will have an officer talk to you or come meet with you in person.  No police agency will request pre-paid debit cards under the threat of being arrested, Lully said.

The Augusta Police Department asks that if you have any information regarding the origin or the identity of person(s) involved in this scam, please contact the Augusta Police Department at626-2370 ex. 0.

 For more information on “Spoofed” fraudulent calls, visit

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