Calling all Maine residents: a new scam is going around, and it involves the law. These hackers are trying everything they can to get your money.

Here's the most recent dilemma.

The Somerset County Sheriff's Office is trying to spread the word to Maine residents about this new phone scam involving a caller who impersonates a police officer or detective.

According to an article from WMTW, reports have come up of folks receiving calls from a man claiming to be “Detective Keith McCoy.”

Okay, so I give them points for having a pretty cool fake detective name.

Sheriff Dale Lancaster says that this scam seems to be going after registered sex offenders. The fake detective will demand payments over the phone for supposed fines, bail, or to get rid of arrest warrants.

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Besides the fact that there is no detective name Keith McCoy in Somerset County, Sheriff Lancaster emphasizes that law enforcement officers are never going to call you asking for money.

The Federal Trade Commission put out a report on how to avoid scams, and signs pointing to hackers trying to steal your money. Recognizing the signs makes it easier to avoid getting drawn into their crime. You can check out the list here. 

I understand how this might seem believable, especially if you're a frequent flyer with run-ins with the law. However, always make sure to exercise caution and investigate if someone claiming to be from the police calls you asking for money. Remember, law enforcement or detectives will never demand payment over the phone.

Maine residents are urged to be cautious and report any such calls to the authorities immediately.

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