In this time of social distancing, some public meetings are having some issues. Meetings that we have the right to have access to and make city council meetings.  Recently a meeting in Bath, Maine was cut short when someone was "Zoom-bombing" the meeting with porn.

Augusta is going to give this a try using some different technology they already have in place.  According to a press release from the City of Augusta, it will be like this. Augusta City Council meets tonight at 6:30 pm.

During a live stream of City Council meetings by our public access channel, CTV-7, residents will continue to have the ability to comment on the message board. You can view the live stream and utilize this feature by using the following link Another way to send in your comments or questions is to e-mail them directly to City Hall at

In your correspondence, please tell us who you are. Both the message board and e-mail will be monitored throughout the Council meeting and will be addressed during the public comment portion.

Well, that seems a little safer.

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