Even though we have yet to get a real winter storm, doesn't it feel like we've gotten an entire winter of weather thrown at us just this week?  Snow on Wednesday, snow on Friday, and ice & freezing rain forecast for tomorrow (Saturday).  The fact that we have had a really mild fall so far has probably spoiled us, right?  Sure, that's it.

According to meteorologists at the National Weather Service and News Center Maine, there is a good chance you could wake up tomorrow to find part of your world encased in ice.

Friday night's colder temperatures and light precipitation will likely cause a layer of glaze ice all over roads, walkways, parking lots, your car, etc.  It does not look like the ice will be heavy enough to cause power outages, but it is going to make things really slick.  Please be careful.

Throughout the morning, we will see sleet and freezing rain.  There could also be a little snow in the mix, too.

Following the freezing rain, Central Maine will see a bit of a heatwave.  Well, a relative heatwave.  Depending on where you are in the state, you could see an afternoon high of upper 40s or lower 50s.  However, the warmer temps don't get rid of the precipitation.  Instead, we'll likely see rain and fog in Central Maine throughout the afternoon.

The sun returns on Sunday.

Honestly, it looks like it is going to be a decent weekend for getting things done.  Just be cautious about the ice on Saturday morning.

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