It never fails. If you need the weather to turn crappy on your weekend plans in and around Central Maine, just ask me to go camping. Seriously, I don't even think this is a joke anymore. I think there is some sort of actual correlation between my plans and the weather.

If I'm working on a Saturday or a Sunday, it's always gorgeous out. If it is a day off and I was to head down to the lake for some boating, hang out in the yard with the kids or even spend a weekend at our favorite Maine campground, rest assured that is most likely going to be crappy weather. Not always rain, but typically not optimal.

Sometimes it just rainy, sometimes it's rainy and windy and other times it's just a little chilly. Well get ready, because my luck is bringing you the trifecta this weekend. Yup, we're going to have all three of those things in Central Maine as the weekend rolls ahead.

According to WGME 13, the weather will start to turn this afternoon (Friday) with our greatest threat of thunderstorms coming between noon and 4 PM. But that's not where it ends.

The risk of showers will stay with us Saturday and Sunday as well with temperatures really taking a turn for the cooler side as roll into Sunday.

WGME says folks in Central Maine can expect to see Friday's temps near 80, Saturday temps near 65 and on Sunday temps likely won't break 55 degrees.

Are we going backwards here? Seems like it doesn't it? At any rate, worry not. I come back from the camping trip Sunday afternoon which means we should see a glorious rebound in our weather conditions come Monday.

Oh well. Say La Vee.. or Se Le Vi, or c'est la vie... however you spell it.

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