Thursday was a rough day for the City of Belfast.  Early that morning, a fire broke out at the Penobscot McCrum plant, a facility that processes potatoes.  The fire was so intense, and raged for so long, that a temporary shelter in place order was issued because of how the smoke was affecting air quality.

And, while there were no injuries, the destruction of the plant left 138 people out of work.

Fortunately, it appears that good people of Belfast have stepped up to help out.

According to WMTW, the emails and text started rolling into the city offices at about 7:30 Thursday morning.  People wanted to know how they could help.  At that point, people wanted to know when they could start bring food and coffee to first responders.

Later, people turned to helping the now out of work men and women who had manned the plant.  The city immediately gave them the remaining $14,000 from the COVID-19 relief funds.  They also started a GoFundMe that quickly raised over $17,000.

Local businesses are also helping out.  Mathews Brothers window company is offering employment to displaced workers and Rollie's restaurant was planning to donate the proceeds from a Friday special to the workers.

As of Saturday morning, the Belfast "Keep The Faith Fund" had raised nearly $24,000.  You can donate to the fund HERE.

It is now believed that the fire in the plant was started by a malfunctioning fryolator.

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