The website has complied their list of the '2016 Best School Districts In Maine'. The make their rankings they used a formula of the strength of academics, quality of teachers, school resources, the quality of student life, as well as student and parent reviews, in an attempt to measure the overall excellence of the district.


Here are the Top Ten School Districts In Maine

1. Falmouth
2. Yarmouth
3. Cape Elizabeth
4. MSAD 51 (Cumberland Center)
5. MSAD 26 (Orono)
6. Scarborough
7. Isleboro
8. Brunswick
9. MSAD 38 (Readfield)
10. Portland

Here's how other schools in central Maine ranked:

Winthrop 21st
RSU 9 (Farmington) 26th
Winslow 28th
RSU 18 (Oakland) 29th
MSAD 11 (Gardiner) 33rd
RSU 73 (Livermore Falls) 35th
Waterville 49th
MSAD 49 (Fairfield) 51st
Augusta 56th

Coming in at the bottom of the list 99th was MSAD 99 (Madison) However, they still received a 'C' or higher in 6 of the 7 categories.