Bethany is an 18-year-old YouTube personality who ended up creating a media and fashion empire from her Northern California bedroom. I adore Bethany. She is smart, clever, creative and cute as can be.

Her adorable videos on YouTube pull in about $40,000 a month for just being herself.She also has her own clothing line at Aeropostale. But back to where it all started, the videos. Bethany does ALL the production by herself. She does the shooting, editing and uploading the videos. (I am not kidding, she is multi-talented) Her videos each have MILLIONS of views!!

Why did she start doing this a few year ago? This clever cutie was home-schooled as a child and tried going to school when she was a little older but was faced with some cyber-bullying in 2009. So back at home, she was a little bored and looking for an outlet. She started making YouTube videos about the stuff that interested her including make-up tips and fashion advice and lots of things.

According to a Yahoo Finance News story from April 21, 2014, nearly five years after MACBARBIE07’s debut, Bethany has more than 5.5 million channel subscribers and 2.4 million fans on Instagram. That’s more Instagram fans than Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour and Cosmopolitan combined. O.M.G.

I would love to have had someone like Bethany when I was a teenager. I loved clothes and makes up and making cute stuff. I am betting we will be hearing a lot more about this young woman.