Laundry rooms, am I right?

There's nothing special about them, other than the fact that they smell good from the detergent. You never find yourself saying, "Hey honey, I think I'm going to go Netflix and chill... in the laundry room."

I was blown away by a $439,000 condominium on, on Exchange Street in Portland.

As I am scrolling through the photos of the interior, I was struck specifically, by the laundry room. It felt like it was calling to me. "Come, sit, cuddle up to the dryer sheets and enjoy." It's very inviting with 3 big beautiful windows, rich hardwood floors and a bunch of high quality washer and dryers.

I searched further and found that every single room was glorious and I became extremely jealous of whoever was going to end up getting to live there.

This 2 bedroom condo has high ceilings, huge windows, exposed brick, and a huge ego.

It tells a story with it's modern, but artsy aesthetic and style. It's smooth and classy. If it were a drink, this condo would be an aged class of Pappy Van Winkle and Ron Burgundy would be drinking it. Can you picture it?

Its close to all the best restaurants and walking distant from downtown and also includes breathtaking and scenic views of the water.

This 754 square foot condo is an open-concept living situation with a feel of velvet robes and cigars.

Please enjoy the gallery below and let it suck you into a fantasy world with earth wind and child playing gently in the background while you read a biography on Cloud Monet.

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