The famous Colisée building in Lewiston, Maine, is officially being sold, and the price almost knocked me off my chair. But it makes sense for this 54,547-square-foot structure. A whopping $4.9 million dollars is being asked to purchased this storied building.

Get this, according to Yahoo, the property sold in 2008 for $1 million.

The arena is super popular because it hosted the historic 1965 Ali-Liston heavyweight fight, and is also famous for housing hockey games! I've had so much fun going to games at the Colisée for years with my friends. Ever since high school, this place has been the backdrop for some of my most electric memories.

According to Yahoo, it's being sold by SVN the Masiello Group. The arena can fit over 50 hockey players and coaches, as well as a utility building.

It's located at 190 Birch Street, and is home to the Maine Nordiques NAHL hockey team and Nordiques Academy. The Colisee is owned by previous Nordiques team owner Darryn Antonacci. He's owned it since 2020, and had it renovated.

The arena has a capacity of 3,000 and parking for 500 vehicles.

I remember meeting one of my great friends, Chad Denny of the Maineiac's (the major junior hockey team), at the Colisee. This venue isn't just for hockey, as it can also host concerts and major events.

As the article states, even though the city staff were unaware of the sale and are looking for more information, The Colisée is assessed at $1.79 million.

So who wants it?

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