I try to stay relevant. You know, keep up with the lingo and the sweet dance moves of today's young people. I'm also often mistaken as being a younger age and shop in the section of the department store I should have already graduated from. Oh well, #yolo. (Y'all still say yolo, right? No? Ok...)

I went to Target today. Not for anything in particular, but as the meme states, you go to Target so Target can tell you what you need. I started in the clothes section. I mean, how can I not? It's right at the entrance! I always try to keep a really open mind while shopping thanks to all the episodes of What Not To Wear I've watched over the years. They really drilled home the point of not judging something by how it looks on the rack. With this mentality, I sometimes pick up things I'm sure are ridiculous, but give me hope.

Florals and bright colors are popular right now, not surprising with the warm weather, as are wide legs, high waist, and rompers. I did end up leaving the store with a couple cute rompers but I also tried on some outfits that looked straight up ridiculous, and they're below for your enjoyment.

This one was two separate pieces, a high waisted pant, and a crop top. THERE'S SO MUCH HAPPENING!


Don't ask me to explain the "guns" pose because I have no explanation.

The next outfit was a romper...jumper? Is there a difference? Let's just go with adult onesie. To be honest, I didn't hate this one. It was unbelievably comfortable. I think with the right accessories, it could have been cute because it would break up the bright pattern. The other issue was the crotch didn't quite match with my own crotch and the legs were too long. That was probably intentional, but all I could think about was walking around with dirty puddle pant legs all day.


What should I try on next?! Maybe I should be fashion forward and go back to buy them?!


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