About a year ago, I grabbed an extra 92 Moose polo shirt out of a stack of clothes that were "unclaimed".  There was nothing wrong with the shirt other than the fact that it was much smaller than the size that was printed on the tag.  It read XL, but was definitely not XL.

I am pretty sure another member of the staff had ordered the shirt and, when it didn't fit, they tossed in the "extra" pile.

While I am far from being thin, the fact that I am leprechaun sized made squeezing into it a possibility.  So, for the last year, I have been occasionally wearing the shirt.

Over the weekend, I decided the shirt would be perfect for my weekly trip to church.  While squeezing into it, I noticed something...  The buttons are on the wrong side!

Yep, for the last year, I have been wearing a woman's shirt.  So...  The people who made the shirt did not make a mistake.  Nope!  I'm just dumb!

That being said, I plan to continue to wear the shirt.

What's the worst "wardrobe malfunction" you've had?

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