I've talked about it before, my favorite thing in the world is going to concerts. I've also talked about the fact that growing up I was huge into professional wrestling. So, when I heard the band Fozzy, fronted by WWE superstar, Chris Jericho, was coming to my favorite venue, Aura, I knew I had to go! It ended up being a family affair with my brother, father, and step-mother.


The evening was going great! We got food and had a few drinks before heading to Aura. We got seats on the balcony and enjoyed the show. As it neared time for Fozzy to hit the stage I decided the balcony wasn't good enough. My usual concert philosophy is, if you're not up close, what's the point? So down to the floor I went.

This was the best decision I could have made.

Fozzy hit the stage and was ROCKING. I've been to many rock shows and Fozzy was easily top 3 with their energy and the fact that you could tell they were really enjoying what they were doing.

During the song, "Burn Me Out" from their new album, Judas, Jericho himself pointed at me and waved me up on stage. After a moment of, "Me? Really?" I booked it and suddenly there I was. ON STAGE. I think being on stage is something I daydreamed about at every concert I have ever been to. I wasn't nervous I just wanted to make the most of the once in a lifetime opportunity. I made it a point to point to my dad and step-mom in the balcony who I knew were up there FREAKING out. Before I knew it I was dancing with Chris Jericho. I later remembered he had been a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. I then did the can-can with the legendary Rich Ward. Thanks to technology this was caught on multiple cell phones. Here's a piece of my experience captured by my father:

I got off the stage and was met with pats on the back and cheers of, "That was awesome!" and "I'm so jealous!" The show continued on and was amazing. When it was over I was dying to see the reaction of my dad and step-mom. They were so excited for me and we laughed that I had officially, "made the list!", a schtick Jericho does in WWE.

Back to the hotel we went. As I was getting settled in I received a Twitter notification. It was from Fozzy! I was given the invitation to join them for a drink, an opportunity I was not about to pass up. Looking back I'm surprised I wasn't nervous whatsoever. I remember meeting the band, Skillet years ago and I was a ball of nerves. Maybe being in radio has desensitized me in that way. We drank and chatted like any group would, except these people happened to be on my most listened to album of the last few weeks and Chris, in particular, had been gracing my TV screen since childhood. Once the bar closed I got to see the tour bus and hung out a bit longer. I learned that Jericho and I share the same love for Dexter, Black Mirror, and David S. Pumpkins, a character from Saturday Night Live. Chris even gave me a stuffed pig, and no, that's not some weird innuendo. An actual stuffed animal pig. Apparently, it was meant to go to someone else who left it on the bus and I wasn't about to pass up the most random souvenir ever. Before the night was over I insisted on a selfie with Chris and the pig. Otherwise, no one would believe me.


So that was my night in a nutshell. I did insist that Y2J come to the Augusta Civic Center next time WWE is in town. Maybe he'll need an assistant to carry around his growing list? ;)


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