I was so blown away by the love and support after posting about having my breast reduction surgery.

As I have gone through this process, there has been some funny stuff. First of all, the number of people I have had a conversation with about my breasts is impressive, people that I would never really expect to start a conversation with me on this subject…but, hey, I put it out there.  

But the funniest thing is this, at my appointment where the doctor evaluated “my situation,” he noticed a little extra boob fat I have on my left side. Yes, it is breast tissue, and he said it was kind of a third breast.  

You read that right…I have a third breast. Sexy huh?  Hey, at least it is not a nubbin. (If you know, you know; if not Urban Dictionary will help you out… but maybe NOT at work) So Doc will be taking that extra tissue out, and due to that additional work on the left, I may have a drain I will need to keep clean for the first week.

On a less funny note, I will need to do the next day is take a shower. Honestly, the last thing I think I will want to do is take a shower, but if that is what they tell me to do, I will do it. 

On Thursday (1/14/21) I will be heading to the hospital for the surgery. One of the things I discovered this is day surgery. I was shocked. I fully expected, and kind of wanted, to spend the night in the hospital. So I will have a friend spending a few days with me after the surgery and will have to tap into my network of friends for help for about four to six weeks. THAT is going to hard to ask for help. There are three areas I have discovered as my most significant problems: snow, laundry, and dog walking.

Snow: I have two people I can reach out for plowing and a few others for a quick shovel in those hard to reach areas.

Dog Walking: ShadowDog can stay with friends, and after I can drive again, I can just get him in the car and take him to the dog park. I even taught him to use a step stool to get in the vehicle, so I don’t have to lift his doggie butt. Since he is older, getting in the car on his own is more challenging, and until recently, I had been helping him. I need to walk, and I will have to do that independently (without the dog, that is) for quite a while. That will be challenging. But he does not walk on a leash well, so…ya...I may need to have someone walk me so they can walk him.   

Laundry: and the most challenging part is kind of funny. I have this new fancy-pants washer, and the tub is very deep. I have a hard time getting the laundry out (short girl issues), which will be impossible for a while after the surgery.  

Most of the other things have solid workarounds or do not require a lot of time for someone to give me a hand.  

Can you tell I have been thinking about this ALOT?



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