I have all my winter stuff in a pile and ready to go for our 2nd Annual' Camp Out Hunger'. If you do not know what 'Camp Out Hunger' is? Well, it is a weeklong food drive 92Moose and B98.5 do the first week of November, the 3rd thu the 7th to be exact. We set up camp in the parking lot of Sam's Club in Augusta. When I say we set up camp, we set up campers and stay there, day and night, for five days. The nonperishable food items go to the Capital Region Salvation Army that serves Waterville and Augusta. The cash donations are bundled together and will go to other food banks in our area. 

Here are a few facts from the Good Shepard Food Bank on hunger in Maine. Overall, 13.6% of Maine households are food insecure…the national average is 11.7 %. And you know…those are 2019 numbers, so things are not better since the start of the pandemic. We are taking working families, those out of work, those underemployed, older members of our community, and kids. They are all clients of the food banks you are helping. 

So…here are the things I need from you.

First of all, help us spread the word. Tell people about it, share the post on our website or from our social media. 

Second, small donations matter as much as the significant donations….no matter the size, your donation will make a difference. One can of beans; one can of veggies all add up to fill a shelf at the food bank. Your spare change…even a penny helps. I was checking the Good Shepard Food Bank (the food bank to area food banks) says that one dollar means three meals. You see how it adds up. 

Third…take some additional action. Do a collection of food or money in your circle of influence…your work, family, friends, clubs, your buddies…your circle of influence. Again…it all adds up.

Fourth…understand that while we are doing this as the food banks are heading into the winter and holiday season this need exists EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. 

I look forward to seeing you at Camp Out Hunger. It is a long, cold, and emotional week and knowing your support us means more than you know. 

There are so many businesses and supporters that are making this happen. You will hear us talking them on-air, but find out more about the groups and businesses that are so important to the structure of this.

Thank you.

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