What an amazing experience this was. From all of the local businesses that wanted to get involved and donate their products, services and time, to the incredible members of this community that faced the brutal elements to make their donations to us. Thank you all. With your help, we raised 8,000 pounds of food and $10,000 in cash donations. Thank you so much to the Marketplace At Augusta for being so on board with this from day one.

What started as a crazy idea to go camping at Sam's Club, quickly turned into one of the most successful food drives the region has ever seen- and it was all because of you.  While we were at the event, Major Patti Murray of the Salvation Army, stopped by to let us know they had completely run out of food. They had started turning families away at the door because aside from a few cans of corn, they had no more to give. THIS is how important this drive was to Central Mainers. THIS is why every single dollar, quarter, dime or can of soup you gave mattered.

We are beyond humbled by the outpouring of support this community gave over the last week. And, thanks to Sam's Club's management team, we will be back at it again next year!

Below is a compilation of pictures and videos we gathered over the week, including our news coverage from WABI TV5 in Bangor.

Before we get into all the live videos of the week, check out some pictures!

Campout Hunger


No big deal, just needed a 2nd truck!

This is about as real as I've ever been with listeners.

Listeners came from all over to donate!

Below is video from when we started moving all of the food into the Salvation Army!

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