Not you, the one reading this, the new show, on Netflix. Forget Bird Box. This should be your go-to Netflix pick.

After realizing my New Years Eve plans would consist of gorging myself on snacks, and my television, I had mentally prepared to dive into Bandersnach, then I realized my Smart TV wasn't so smart and I was unable to access the "choose your own adventure" feature of the movie. Being the useless millennial I am, I mooch of my parent's Netflix account and didn't want to bug them for the password to attempt watching it on my laptop.

Ok, plan B.

I didn't have one. Until I remembered seeing this tweet the day before:

"Well, what the heck?" I thought. As a previous Dexter addict, this seemed promising. I hadn't even seen the trailer but check it out for yourself:

Intense, right?! Confession time. I binged all 10 episodes on New Year's Eve. Each episode is around 40 minutes, so yes, I sat on my couch watching Netflix for over 6 and a half hours straight to celebrate the new year. No regrets.

This show had everything; drama, mystery, murder, love, family, and John Stamos. Starting Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl fame, You follows his character, Joe, as he falls for Beck, a beautiful yet complicated writer and college student. He feels the need to protect her and to prove to her that he's the one. He literally stops at nothing to do this.

Needless to say, I highly recommend it. It ends with the opportunity for a season two so, selfishly, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WATCH IT SO I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! Thanks!

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