Last night didn't go quite as I wanted. After the show, I hopped into my car as usual to head home. Turned left out of the Augusta Plaza to head home to Auburn, everything was going well until the light on the opposite side of Irving and Augusta Crossing. I was at that red light. I didn't hear anything, no brakes or even the car. I was rear-ended. The guy who hit me was nice enough. I guess he should after all his insurance will be connected.

A man with an SUV (didn't get his name) was very helpful. He called 911 to report the accident. All three of us waited at the Smart Eye Care parking lot. While waiting, I did light exercises so my back muscles didn't get too tight. A little while later an officer from the Augusta Police Department rolls up. Looks at the damage, gets registration from us both, license and insurance and takes the statements. During all of this I'm calling home to talk to Lynn, my wife who isn't there. She's at a school board meeting at Auburn City Hall about late Wednesday arrivals at Auburn Middle School and Edward Little.

After all of that, I head back to the Augusta Plaza to assess what happened and again try and call my wife. After about 20 minutes back at work, I decide to head home all the same. Heading home, my back started feeling the strain. Nothing serious but in the case of an accident, thought it should be checked out. So, get home and head to the ER at St. Mary's in Lewiston to get it checked out. The diagnosis, lower back strain, no heavy lifting for three days and take 400-600 mgs of ibuprofen every six hours. After two hours at the ER, get home, watch a couple of episodes of Family Feud and finally fall asleep at 2:45 am.

This morning, called the "at fault" driver's insurance company, spent 30 minutes on the phone but as it seems right now, all worth it. Just without a car until my free rental on Tuesday. Thanks in advance for driving me, hun.