East Coast Midways co-owners Billy Swafford and Faron Young are based in Clinton but travel all over the country with their rides and games, putting smiles on faces wherever they go!

Swafford and Young, best friends, had separate businesses related to the carnival industry. Swafford had games and food and Young had games. When the two got together they decided to start their own full service carnival business. They started by selling a game to finance their first ride, the Alpine Fun House.

Now, with about 15 rides and plans to buy more, the duo is cruising along at the speed of a roller coaster (which may be in their future, too).

In spite of the fact that they're a good, local company that works in several states including here in Maine, their hometown, Clinton, voted against having them for the Clinton Lion's Fair this year. Instead, they went with Cushing Amusements from Massachusetts. Cushing Amusements has been the Clinton Fair carnival provider for over 30 years.

According to Billy Swafford, he offered a larger percentage of ticket sales than Cushing plus offered to pay for the fireworks and start two $2500 scholarships for local kids. According to an article, fair secretary, 68-year-old Buddy Frost, was worried whether they'd be able to keep up their end of the bargain. He went on to say, "If he hadn't offered quite so much, it probably would have been better." What?!

Anyway, hopefully Billy and Faron will eventually get the contract for the fair in the town where they have located their business. Until then, good luck to these great Maine businessmen!