With the exception of a few wild winter storms, the weather in Central Maine has been pretty bland over the last six months.  Our winter was pretty mild and spring has been mediocre.  It has not been cold, but we really have not had any really nice days, either.  The weather has been kind of "meh".

Well, it looks like we may be getting an early taste of summer weather this coming weekend.

According to The Weather Channel, an upper level ridge of high pressure is going to make much of the Midwest, and part of the East Coast, really steamy over the next five or six days.  Meteorologists are saying that we'll probably end up feeling the affects here in New England, too.

It looks as though the temperatures in Central Maine will climb as the week progresses.  We're looking at a high of 83 degrees in Augusta / Waterville on Thursday (May 12th) and a high of around 81 on Friday (May 13th).


It looks like the real heat is going to smack us on Saturday, though.  At this moment, 5 PM on May 9th, it looks like we'll have cloudy skies, but it is going to be humid with a high just shy of 90 degrees!

Of course, it is still a few days off, so there is a chance the forecast could change significantly between now and then.

We'll see temps drop back into the mid-70s on Sunday.

While the coast, including Portland, will remain cool, the inland parts of New England will be kind of steamy this coming weekend.  North Conway, for example, will see temperatures close to 90 on Saturday as well.  With its position on the coast, Boston will be cooler on Saturday.  The Hub will have a high temperature of around 83 degrees on Saturday.

If we do end up getting hit with that weather, make sure you stay cool and stay hydrated!  And, please keep an eye on our older loved ones.

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