Maine is definitely a unique place.  It may be even more unique than you think.  Check out this list of 5 strange things that have happened in Maine.

According to Only In Your State...

5. The Blue Lobster

In 2014, Meghan LaPlante and her father, Jay, pulled a blue lobster out of the ocean off the coast of Scarborough. But, they didn't eat it...  The rare lobster was given the name "Skylar" and donated to the Maine State Aquarium in Boothbay Harbor


4. A Hermit Lived In The Woods For Nearly 3 Decades

In 2013, Christopher Knight (not the guy from the Brady Bunch), was arrested for theft.  he allegedly live off stealing stuff from summer camps and had reportedly not spoken to another person in years!  There is now a documentary about him that is free to watch.  Check it out HERE


3. Lobster Shell Golf Balls

A professor at the University Of Maine has created golf balls made from lobster shells.  Other than being uniquely Maine, the big benefit is that these golf balls are biodegradable

James Fitzgerald via Unsplash
James Fitzgerald via Unsplash

2. The Island Hawaii 2

In 2014, the founders of Cards Against Humanity game bought an island in St. George Lake for around $200,000. They renamed the island "Hawaii 2" and used it in a holiday fundraising program.


1. The Great Northern Paper Company Was Saved By 50 Shades Of Grey
The company would have closed in 2013, were it not for the order to make the paper on which the international best seller was printed.

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