Because of the snow, my kids had a two hour delay this morning.  We normally let them sleep in when this happens.  "Let sleeping dogs lie", right?

I was the first in our family to wake up.  I took a shower and got dressed.  Just before I opened the bathroom door I heard footsteps and talking.  As I stepped into the hallway, 7 year old Denise blew past me on her way back to her room.  Thinking she just got up and was wondering why her mother hadn't woke her,I told her there was a delay and she should go back to sleep.

She blurts out, "The candy was already on the table when I came out!"

Believing her (WHY????), I told her that probably her mother had taken it down (from on top of the fridge) to get a piece last night.

Then she says, "AND, the chair was already next to the fridge!", before running back into her room and slamming the door.

Sure enough, there was a small plastic chair next to the fridge.


But, I'm going to let their mother handle this one...

Still not sure who she was talking to..,  Herself?  Maybe her sister?

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