Both locals and out-of-staters have thoughts on the friendliness and hospitality of New Englanders compared to other parts of the country.

Yours truly has heard both perspectives, especially when it comes to the south. A family member from Virginia mentioned that people there are often nicer than us northerners. Alternatively, a friend born and raised in New Hampshire mentioned that people from the south can be fake and two-faced, whereas in New England, you'll know pretty quickly if someone doesn't like you.

Both perspectives make sense, and the situation is obviously not black and white. But when it comes to New England specifically, what cities in each state are considered to be the friendliest or most family-friendly? Thanks to Travel Pulse, we now know.

The website conducted a study to determine the most family-friendly cities in each state. For our neighbors up in Maine, the title went to Bar Harbor, and for Massachusetts, Bedford. But what about New Hampshire? Drum roll, please...

According to Travel Pulse, Portsmouth is the most family-friendly city in New Hampshire, and here's why:

So, for a state whose motto is “Live Free or Die” it might sound intimidating. That’s part of the charm, however, in living in one of the most quintessential areas and towns in New England. Portsmouth is a great seaport town near the border of Maine, not only great for tourism but for full-time family residents as well. A thriving downtown boasts cool shops and great restaurants that are welcoming for children. Prescott Park is a big family hangout destination.

The verdict makes sense to this writer, whose favorite city in the Granite State is hands-down Portsmouth. What do you think? Do you think the title is well deserved, or do you think it should've gone to a different spot?

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