I have some hilly areas of my yard and I have been putting in planting like hostas and day lilies. Plants that are hardy and take the abuse and lack of attention they will receive from me and Mother Nature. (I admit it, I am lazy) But the crab grass is taking over my planning areas!  And I am crabby about it.

I am a homeowner. I am not the best homeowner, in my soul I am a renter, but I am responsible for this place so I do my best.  My new nemesis is crab grass. Who invented this stuff? How do you get rid of it?

Gees, even if the crab grass was more attractive I would not mind. I am really not that picky. But this stuff is SO ugly and SO aggressive. I have tried some products and lots of cutting and dousing with vinegar, but still, the crabby grass is just-a-love me!

I am desperate.  I need help and advice. What works to rid my world of crab grass? I don’t want to waste money on stuff that is not up to the battle. If I am going to take the step to attack it with chemicals, it has to work and be worth the effort and hopefully not too hard on the environment. I don’t want to kill my nice plants.  Any home remedies? Or as a last resort, any words of wisdom on embracing my crabby grass.